5 Simple Statements About McDonough Explained

McDonough Is a town in Georgia that never runs from actions for locals and guests to relish.

On Sept. 22 to 24, all streets will led into the Atlanta Motor Speedway for its annual Picture Music Festival 2017, a one time event that gives people a opportunity to do any activity in only 1 venue.

Space, splash pool, barre and yoga, silent disco, festival soccer, field game and actions, and role design fashion show. (Click here for information of the event http://www.imaginefestival.com/).

Greet The start of autumn at Southern Belle Farm with its Fall 2017 Opening Day on Sept. 23.

Historic 330-acre family farm situated along Turner Church Road. The farm is celebrating the harvest within an old-fashioned way -- with two acres of pumpkins, 4 acres of corn maze, more than 20 outdoor patios, and fun activities such as campfires, pig races, kiddie corral, corn cannon, bunny train, pedal carts, jumping pillow and rubber duck races. (Click here for information http://southernbellefarm.com/)

Series on the Square including The Henley Varner Band on Sept. 16 and The Andrews Brothers Dueling Pianos on Oct. 7. Entry is free. Just bring your lawn chairs. (Watch here for details https://www.facebook.com/MainStreetMcDonoughProgram/).

Love animals? 30 at the Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary, a nonprofit educational sanctuary for exotic animals in addition to farm animals numbering over 1,500.

Camp Safari features large cat and alligator feeding presentations, reptile experience, wagon ride through pasture, flashlight safari, bonfire and s'mores, and surprise creature encounter. (See this site for more information http://www.noahs-ark.org/)

The Atlanta Motor Speedway is now the world's Initial "Aerial Stadium" that will provide you a new way to experience an air show.

The atmosphere will feature a complete capabilities Demonstration of the U.S. Air Force F-16 Viper, a compact multi-role fighter aircraft, with Capt. John Waters since the demo team pilot; the Navy F/A-18F Super Hornet, a twin-engine fighter aircraft also called the "Rhino"; and the U.S. Army Special Operations Control Black Daggers parachute team, which will be comprised entirely of volunteers from throughout the Army Special Operations community that have diverse backgrounds and possess various military specialties. (Click the link for more details http://airshowatlanta.com/).

With all these actions, locals and guests will Certainly have a fun time in McDonough.

McDonough, Georgia

Here, festivals and events are held all year round.

The biggest attraction tourists more info may witness in McDonough every Spring is that the annual Geranium Festival, frequently sponsored with the McDonough Lions Club.

Known as one of the best pleasures in Georgia, the Geranium Festival showcases an array of quality goods, delicious food and a fun-filled experience for the entire family.

Trying to find a piece of jewelry for your spouse? Simply stop by the historical Downtown Square at McDonough where the festival is held and you'll certainly find the right one.

Those that find joy in shopping will surely love all of the clothing and accessories on display in the festival while those who like to decorate their houses can pick among the wood crafts and artwork products out there.

Shopping may occasionally be dull for kids but don't fret because at the festival, a children's play area will be installed where your kids can have the best rides of the life.

And of course, bringing your gastronomic experience on the very best can only be realized as soon as you get to taste the delicious funnel cake and strawberry shortcake, or even the ice cone and home-made ice cream.

Craving for sandwiches and hamburgers? No worries -- you are able to eat all of that at the festival.

You may have to cover the goods in the festival, but, you can park free or ride a shuttle to the festival entrance for free. How's that for a long time?

Besides the annual Geranium Festival, music lovers could sing to their heart's content using the celebrities in the background in the Geranium Jam, an outdoor concert usually held at the Alexander Park.

In the concert, VIP tables are available for anybody who would like a "close" experience with the musicians. However, if you aren't comfortable using it, then you're absolutely free to bring your own chairs and tables or anything that may cause you to feel cozy.

Summer might not be the best time of the year for those who hate going under sunlight. But in McDonough, summertime in July is a heavenly season. Parades and vibrant costumes are held every Fourth of July. And to ward off the summer heat, then there is homemade ice cream for everybody.

The Fourth of July is 1 holiday that's celebrated with a hammer in McDonough, capped with beautiful fireworks.

When leaves begin to change colors, it's a sign that Fall is around the corner and soon after, the weather will begin to become cooler. In this moment, McDonough can make your trip a very memorable one having much more animations, shows and contests. For one, there are car shows and scarecrow contests.

But maybe the most joyful time in McDonough that tourists may anticipate each year's Christmas time. Parades are trees and over have been lighted to show off how beautiful the city is.

Wish to visit Santa Claus? He'll see McDonough in this time so make sure you be about when he falls. In other words, once you've combined the yearly 5K run known as the Jingle Jog.

And once the clock strikes midnight signaling the beginning of the New Year, then witness the yearly Geranium Drop and create yourself component of McDonough's history.

These and much more await tourists at McDonough -- a city for all seasons.

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